Tuesday, December 2, 2008

snapshot number 2

1)what is and ftp
2)why use and ftp
3)what type of application do you need to connect to an ftp server?
4) what connection information or credentials do you need to connect to an ftp server?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

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open source

This was a very interesting artical,she was a very interesting person to listen to.there ideas are the wave of the future .to put a bunch of people in a room and brain storm idea is becoming the norm,breaking away from old stlye corperate leadership making all the decissions.i did relate this to and artical in another class about the valley and how start up companys evolve.i think it is totaly amazing how you can take ideas from people that do not even work with you and implament them into your product line or your idea to make it better and not have a clash of pride or resentment.i think a lot of the old corperations need to take notice to this if they want to make it

universal serial bus

this device allows other devices to be conected with the computer,it allow devices to be conected an unconected with out rebooting the computer,it is also a way to transfor data from one location to another.it also alows devices to conect to the computer not to need and externail power supply to be add.the usb port came into being in 1996 with muliple companys coming together to simplfy the exchange of data an to make one univeral port for computer witch up to that time had many different configuations,the main reason was the popularity of the lap top.
the usb port has evolved into a storage device before people would store data on disk now store them on usb transfere devices.the host coputer now can inteface with muliple computers through the usb port,also alows tempery devices to be hocked up to the computer.usb signling has three rates of data transfer,full,low,and high and a experimantal rate of high speed data transfer.each year they become smaller and faster.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HYMAN GEORGE RICKOVER "Farther of the Nuclear Navy"

Nuclear technology
Admiral Hyman George Rickover

Born in Poland he immigrated to the United States in 1905, his family lived in New York for a short time, then moved to Chicago, while in Chicago he worked very hard helping support his parents, he graduated with high honors from his high school, he became acquainted with a congressman named Adolph j. Sabath and he appointed him to the navel academy he was accepted, he graduated in 1922 from the academy. in the years leading up to the second world war he served on various ships from destroyers to battle ships, he mostly was involved in engineering and electrical working o these ships. After the attack on peal harbor he became in charge of all electrical operations for the navy.
In 1946 the navy became interested in a project that involved nuclear generators, they sent a group of people, Rickover applied but was not accepted, he then turned to his former boss during the war, which in turn sent him and put him in charge of the operation. He met with members of the Manhattan project and was convinced nuclear technology was the future of the navy; he began work on designing a pressurized water reactor. He was eventfully put in charge of all nuclear production for the navy. he had very high standards he was involved in picking all the commanders of all American nuclear ships, he had a very storied career in the navy he commissioned his first nuclear submarine in 1954, the USS Nautilus this revolutionized submarine warfare, subs no longer had to refuel or run on the surface to charge there batteries, there time at sea would be determined by the amount of food they need and amount of torpedo’s expended.
During the course of his career the admiral was a very controversial person to deal with. But he did have a reputation of getting the job done, he went out on every nuclear ship in the navy on it trial runs, this was his version of giving it his stamp of approval, under his watch we had over 200 nuclear submarines, and 25 carriers and cruisers and to his credit not one nuclear miss hap on any of our ships. But in the zenith of his career he became to out spoken and was force to retire but to honor his accomplishments the name a submarine after him in 1983 very few living people are bestowed that honor.