Thursday, November 13, 2008

universal serial bus

this device allows other devices to be conected with the computer,it allow devices to be conected an unconected with out rebooting the computer,it is also a way to transfor data from one location to also alows devices to conect to the computer not to need and externail power supply to be add.the usb port came into being in 1996 with muliple companys coming together to simplfy the exchange of data an to make one univeral port for computer witch up to that time had many different configuations,the main reason was the popularity of the lap top.
the usb port has evolved into a storage device before people would store data on disk now store them on usb transfere devices.the host coputer now can inteface with muliple computers through the usb port,also alows tempery devices to be hocked up to the computer.usb signling has three rates of data transfer,full,low,and high and a experimantal rate of high speed data transfer.each year they become smaller and faster.

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