Tuesday, September 30, 2008

homework sept 22 resubmitted

Home work resubmitted September 22 2008

All this technology is very new to me I still have a ton of movies on vhf, I just figured out how to load my I-pod nano this year. So I decide to go to wall mart and look around the videos section and TV section. Since most of these stores have the same layout all this stuff was in one area. I do like to buy a lot of DVDs and slowly the section with blue ray is growing larger, and my section is growing smaller. So I decide to talk to one of the sales people. He explained to me that the way TV are evolving people want more clarity in there pictures. Witch makes sense I guess, I asked him if the TVs will interact with the video gaming systems, he said some would but I think he was not to sure. Then came the real fun part I walked over to were all the video monitors were and all the new game releases are and there were I couple young kids playing on them. so I asked them a couple questions about the games they were playing ,after they figured out I was not some kind of nut they kind of gave me some answers, they both had older play station neither one parts could afford the Xbox’s to expensive so they came to Wal-Mart to play the games for free. I am not a gamer at all and really have not paid much attention to this, my limited experience with video games come from when I was in the military.
The second time I watched the video I understood what she was talking about I had no idea that you could buy a system that could interact with your I-pod and your TV, this might be and issue with DVD sales I think you can pirate videos off the internet load them onto your I-pod and then watch them on your TV, I think the sales kid at Wal-Mart had no idea about interaction of TV with other systems.
Toshiba's cutting there prices sounds like an action caused by a weakening dollar. From looking at those prices people might not have had the extra money to spend on such a high priced item. So to save some kind of market share they slashed there prices, better than having no sales.
Comcast is in a tight race with the satellite and verizion I think they will all achieve what they want but the one that holds the best price will be the victor, my cable bill is over 100.00 a month how much higher will it go, I will switch to the cheapest provider and who has the best service

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