Friday, October 3, 2008

google search ROBOTS

I have always been interested in robots ever since I had seen the movie The Forbidden Plant and had my first look at the robot the called Robbie. since I am older than most people in the class I can remember when automated robots were making there staring d├ębut in the work force, I can remember the cry’s of out rage in the automobile industry as they made there ways into the plants, they were taking peoples jobs not making the assembly easer. The auto workers eventually lost the battle and the war.
It is happen really amazing how they have evolved, how large and how small they vary now and all the amazing task they can perform we have even sent them to other worlds, they have no fear some are tasked to do the most dangerous thinks that man can not do. They have ventured into gas laden mines in search of people, into nuclear disasters like Chernobyl to simple task of going down a whole that a person has fallen into. One of the most amazing things that I read was in the medical field that doctors are working on miniature Roberts that can enter a person’s body and repair cells or attack and destroy cancer cells. In there short existences robot technology has grown in leaps and bounds the possibility seems endless what they someday can do………terminators, cylons………who knows they could even some day evolve on there own.

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